Due to the nature of the chemicals they work with, industrial fertiliser plants are very frequently plagued with corrosion issues that can represent real hazards to both occupational health & safety as well as productivity.

At FRP, we’ve been worked with a wide variety of different fertiliser plants over the last 15 years and are very familiar with the issues that they face. When a client came to us with a safety issue at their weighbridge, our engineers and planners had lots of experience to call on and were able to commence work on a solution almost immediately.

The brief was to find a suitable access/egress solution so drivers could safely exit their trucks during the weighing process. Traditionally, the sump/drain next to the driver had been covered by mild or galvanised steel that was prone to corroding under the weight and frequency of fertiliser spills. This created a safety issue as there was no way of ensuring the steel was suitable to be walked on. In addition to this, the steel plate was very heavy to move, which made routine sump clearing a difficult and dangerous process.

FRP Engineering resolved the brief with a fully composite access solution. Using FRP Solid Top grating on an FRP Frame, all access and cleaning issues were easily resolved. The custom FRP Solid Top grating will not corrode and is strong, waterproof, slip resistant and easy to clean.

The FRP Frame and Platform also shares all those same properties, but with the added benefit of being a lightweight solution. With the inclusion of some clever hidden lifting points, the whole access way can now be removed for cleaning simply and quickly. This means that drivers are now safe to get in and out of their cabs and go about their work.

FRP Engineering is here to solve problems. Our Composite and FRP solutions are well known for their ingenuity, quality, timeliness and price. If you have an issue that needs solving in a timely and cost efficient manner then why not call today and see if we can help!


Corrosion controlCorrosion control








Corrosion controlCorrosion controlCorrosion control



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