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Intrepid Safety Gates

Manufactured from premium grade rigid polyurethane, the Intrepid self – closing gates provide long, low maintenance service life, even in the harshest of environments. The unique design of the Intrepid gate has a horizontal swing instead of a vertical drop.

The design relies solely on gravity. It does not depend on springs, cams, bearings or the operator. Available in 4 standard widths to suit various opening sizes the Intrepid self-closing gates are easy to install. Gates are easily cut to the correct size to suit any opening. Being manufactured with no metallic parts, you will not require any hot work permits. 

The unique hinge design of the Intrepid gates allows for the gate to open either to the right or the left making it the most versatile safety gate on the market. All Intrepid gates are manufactured with high visibility safety yellow pigment throughout all the components. 

Instant Set Polymer (ISP) is a solid polyurethane material developed in the mid-1970’s. It takes its name from the fact that it is created by mixing two liquid components which react to form a solid material in less than a minute! The final product is rigid, tough, and strong with excellent fatigue resistance. Being a plastic, it also has good electrical insulating properties and resists atmospheric corrosion.

 Installation Kits

With the addition (on use) of an installation kit, the UDG Safety Gate easily attaches to round or square pipe for easy installation (on fixing)

Discuss your safety gate requirements today! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Discuss your safety gate requirements today! Get in touch with us to find out more.