FRP solves materials handling problem with fit-for-purpose FRP walkway


The Challenge: 
We were approached by a major materials handling company to provide a fast,
economical FRP solution to solve their issues in conveying fertiliser products
along their 400m jetty.

While conveying their products, the client was experiencing product spillage from
the conveyor belt to the water. Not only did this mean the client was losing
product, but there were also potential environmental risks that needed to be

To ensure minimal downtime, the client required the project to be actioned during
their next shut down, which meant there was a very short period of time where
this could be completed.


To simplify the client’s material handling, FRP Engineering designed a fit-for-
purpose enclosed walkway, running the entire length of the conveyor and jetty
that was non-corrosive, lightweight and built to AS 1657 2018 standard.
The new walkway, which was strategically positioned under the client’s loading
● reduced product loss
● stopped the product from entering the water
● ensured spills could be easily cleaned and put back on the conveyor

To ensure minimal downtime for the client, FRP Engineering’s team pre-
fabricated, semi assembled before constructing the 102 individual modules on
site. Once completed the modules were stacked and loaded onto a barge for
lifting into place under the jetty. In a space of two weeks, all modules were in
position ready for the client to begin production again.



The FRP walkway was the biggest project completed for the client to date. With
our long standing and continued working relationship, the FRP walkway has
proven to be successful in ensuring an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive
and easy to clean solution that ensures minimal materials wastage for efficient
materials handling.

Products used in this Project:

  • FRP Moulded Grating
  • FRP Profiles
  • FRP Handrail System
  • FRP Design and Fabrication




Moulded Grating

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