We offer a range of FRP or GRP Cable Management Systems including trays, ground ducts, ladders, accessories, supports, fittings, and fixings. These systems provide a safe transport of any wires or cables across open spans.

FRP Cable Management Systems have a large cable capacity and are suited to harsh environments where there may be high temperatures or extreme weather conditions. They are robust and long-lasting, as they are light and have high fire and corrosion resistance.

Our Cable Management Systems are offered in several resins for specific applications such as for the oil and gas industry. They are Anti-Static, Low Smoke (Anti-Static) Optional, and Low Smoke.

The benefits of using FRP Cable Management Systems are:

•  Corrosion Resistantsuitable for many different environment conditions

•  Flame Resistanceall of our cable management systems are fire retardant

•  Superior Strengthour cable management systems have superior strength yet are lightweight

•   Non-conductiveOur Cable Management Systems comply with electrical safety regulations. FRP has low thermal and electrical conductivity, so our products will not get very hot due to direct sunlight or any other heat sources.

•   Ultraviolet protection

•   Cost Effectivethey are resistant to corrosion, require little maintenance

In addition, compared to pipes, cable trays are the best to install for your commercial and industrial buildings as it is easy to maintain wires by laying them in a tray as opposed to pulling wires through a pipe.

No Cable Management System job is too small. At FRP Engineering, we pride ourselves on our quality products. All of our Cable Management Systems are designed to comply with NEMA standards.

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