FRP Engineering is proud to be the Australian Distributor of the world renowned Cablesafe® hooks.

Manufactured in Europe, using the best quality resin, Cablesafe® hooks are the best and most durable option for temporary cable maintenance.

Cablesafe® hooks are such a simple idea that have a massive effect on Safety and Organisation when applied in maintenance, shutdowns, and construction industrial works.  Primarily designed as a safety product to suspend hoses, cables and work gear off the work floor, Cablesafe® hooks have proved themselves to be infinitely more useful as users find unique ways to utilise their simplicity and durability.

Cablesafe® hooks are used the world over in many industries including refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilding, electrical and nuclear installations. Employers in these industries know the value of keeping the workfloor tidy, uncluttered and SAFE.  The increase in efficiency and the decrease in trip hazards makes the investment in Cablesafe® hooks a simple proposition.

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